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The Investor Challenge / Re: Blog post: It's time to make a change
« Last post by Patrick on April 13, 2018, 10:02:30 am »
I'd also love to see the place if were ever in the area. I posted a reply to the blog post comment, but I'm curious what the security is like in the area? My dad's family used to have a farm, but got rid of it in the 90s when it became too dangerous to live there.

I never quite understand how governments find it completely normal to spend more than they earn and just carry on that way. It just seems absurd.
The Investor Challenge / Visit to Hogsback
« Last post by rjthomas on April 12, 2018, 08:29:25 pm »
Good evening Bevan

Greetings from PE. I would love to visit your smallholding in Hogsback, so I can understand and learn from what you are doing. My own goal is to set up my living conditions to become much more self-sufficient and moving away from supermarkets.

The following book inspired me in this direction: The Freedom Manifesto - How to Free Yourself from Anxiety, Fear, Mortgages, Money, Guilt, Debt, Government, Boredom, Supermarkets, Bills, Melancholy, Pain, Depression, Work, and Waste

Looking forward to it.
Shares / Re: Cherrypicking & Tapouts
« Last post by Moneypenny on April 12, 2018, 11:06:57 am »
11 April 2018 Wednesday


RBPlat +10.57%
AngloG +4.08%


Group5 -13.80% new low @ 350
4Sight -10.85%
Arm -6.26%
Bowclaf -5.00%
Kumba -4.24%
SuperG -4.29%
AngloP -4.06%
Assore -3.96%
Sappi -3.86%
Barworld -3.73%
South32 –3.66%
Steinhoff -3.98% new low @ 205
Tongaat -1.46% new low @ 9755
Sibanye -0.55% new low @ 1069
Shares / Re: ABSA stockbrokers becoming more expensive
« Last post by Hamster on April 12, 2018, 10:16:45 am »
They could implement more user-friendly functionality like, oh I dunno, debit orders with automatic At Market trades. That would've given EE a run for their money.
Shares / Re: Bitcoins
« Last post by Bevan on April 12, 2018, 10:10:06 am »
Crypto has rallied / moved sideways over the last few weeks. Could possibly have a little more upside momentum left in it over next few days. However, the problem is now that momentum is becoming overbought. A classic bear flag is forming and there should be a downside breakout as momentum looks to start heading back down again. Bears are likely to be targeting the $3,700 level, wiping out all longs who bought in after Aug-2017.

Fundamentally this will clear out many that are still "infected" as Barclays has called them. They will then become immune and not touch the stuff again. BTC and ETH will lose significant credibility once more. Then again, even Soros and other funds are looking to play in the crypto space. But I promise you they will not be long only. They will love trading the optionality.
Shares / Re: ABSA stockbrokers becoming more expensive
« Last post by Patrick on April 11, 2018, 03:54:25 pm »
Not my fault, TFSAs were earning ABSA just R66/year in fees if fully funded. Now they'll get at least R172.50 per person, so I've effectively tripled their income. The share should have gone through the roof  :D
Shares / Re: Avoiding Sagarmatha Technologies private placement
« Last post by gcr on April 11, 2018, 02:12:03 pm »
AmaBhungane did great work on this too. To summarise it's a total scam and all you'll be doing is handing over money directly to Survé and his relatives.
What is more disconcerting is that the PIC and the trade unions are saying this is a great deal - can't understand why the employees of government aren't instructing PIC to disassociate from what looks like a Ponzi scheme
Shares / Re: ABSA stockbrokers becoming more expensive
« Last post by on April 11, 2018, 12:37:02 pm »
Look what you've done now Patrick :P

Off topic / Live chat
« Last post by on April 11, 2018, 09:57:40 am »
Saw an article yesterday about EOH worries, I think it was on moneyweb should still be there.
Shares / Re: ABSA stockbrokers becoming more expensive
« Last post by Patrick on April 11, 2018, 09:38:00 am »
So after my twitter ranting I got a call from one of their consultants. Basically he was saying that these things aren't profitable so they need to find ways to make people trade more.

I told him I could totally see how it wasn't profitable, the numbers are too small, but the TFSA could lead people into regular investment accounts which may have more profit. What they've effectively done now (and previously with their regular account) by repeatedly moving the goalposts is broken the trust I have in them.

What's to stop them in future from making it a R500 inactivity fee, or R10 000 inactivity fee and then a R50 000 moving fee. They've shown that they will do whatever they like to ensure higher profit, and as such I will now advise people against using their services.

I could also bypass the inactivity fee by selling and buying back a single ETF and it would cost me just R0.16 every 60 days, but without trust I will rather pay the R172.50 for my one ETF and move to EE who seem to be run by humans and not financial calculators.
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