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Getting Started Portfolio
« on: July 12, 2019, 11:26:23 am »
Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the investorchallenge blog and a couple of other helpful resources, I am finally now in a position to start making better decisions for my (and my wife's future). We have a couple of investments (odds and ends) and need to structure it optimally for our future. I would like to hear some thoughts/need some guidance on order of priority around actioning the following:

1. Emergency Fund
2. Paying off debt
4. RA
5. Start other investment activity (SAtrix Indi, Satrix World Feeder, Satrix Divi Plus ETF etc.)

Does that order seem like the best order of priority for where we are now? We are mid 20's and both have strong income streams but have accrued some debt in the past we would like to shake off. I just can't seem to get a final verdict on first paying off debt versus starting to invest. On the one side, does it really help you invest but are paying more interest than you are earning? On the other side, compound interest...

I am not a fundi, am still learning and would appreciate some input :-)