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2016 elections.
« on: August 04, 2016, 09:08:34 pm »
The 2016 polls show that the DA can no longer be called the "white madam's" party and Mymoney who is black and married to a white, can no longer be seen as a puppet for the whites.

A mere 8% of SA's population is white and 8% is coloured. The sheer number of voters that voted for the DA is proof that the DA is no longer a "whites only" party and can no longer be accused by the ANC of being this.
This only proves that many blacks that did not grow up during the apartheid era and are now becoming educated and can see through the ANC and their corruption and self enrichment and are now in the DA camp.

History has shown that ruling parties in Africa always start in urban areas and with time diminish to rural areas where the unfortunate unschooled live. Their strongholds diminish to rural areas and then disappear.
Zim is a good example where his war veterans in the cities are now rebelling against Rob as he retreats to the rural areas. 
This is now happening in SA.

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