Author Topic: UNit trust linked RA or ETF linked RA  (Read 2048 times)

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UNit trust linked RA or ETF linked RA
« on: April 18, 2021, 11:04:37 pm »
I've recently moved my Retirement Annuity funds from Liberty to Easy Equities.

Easy Equities offer a Unit Trust linked RA options such as : Satrix Balanced Fund, Allan GRay Balanced Fund etc.

And then there is what they call "Bundles" which includes some Cannon Asset Managers and Emporer Asset Management (Kilimanjaro, Denali etc.)

Fundamentally, what is the difference between those 2 options? It looks like I'll be going the 'Bundle' route with Denali Core.

Anyone know anything about this RA choice with Easy Equities?