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Re: My retirement blog.
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Waiting for confirmation that CML will respond to the BB and specifically to the middle 20 SMA.

Yes. The scenery in the UK is very similar to the best of Europe. The cost of housing is another story altogether. Let me explain.

I have attached a pic of the type of housing I am referring to. They are not council houses but in a category just above them. Developers normally build new builds here and put them on the market for sale. The state or council will buy some cheaper houses and offer them to families on benefits at low rentals. They in turn can buy them from the council. They can be recognised by the unkempt gardens and car wrecks in the yards. We have them here too and the houses look good but the yards are filthy.

This is a rental home of 3 bedrooms.
Rental 750.00 pm 
Utilities 150.00 pm
Council Tax 195.00 pm
Total 1 095.00

That is about R 20 000.00 pm if you earn Rands as I do. That is just above entry class homes.

This pic was taken a few minutes ago from our little garden.

I started here with nothing and still have most of it left.