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Title: How to watch a Youtube technical analysis
Post by: SittingBear on June 25, 2020, 12:35:06 pm
Many traders watch technical analysis on Youtube made by professional traders. They then try to piggy back on their analysis with the hope of getting something for free. MONEY for free, that is.

There's just one problem: it doesn't really work.

How then should you watch Youtube technical analysis videos? For they certainly are valuable, but only if watched in the right way
Title: Re: How to watch a Youtube technical analysis
Post by: Bevan on June 30, 2020, 11:48:02 am
I know you're just here for the SPAM but I enjoyed some of the funny memes that cropped up in the video. Lost complete interest after a few minutes though...

TA is just one tool that any trader of course needs to understand. And then ignore most of it, except for a few things like momentum and bollinger bands, which are so obviously programmed into most scalping and swing trading bots that you've got to understand it. Just like you need to understand how an elastic band works, and that different investors, traders etc. have different time horizons that they all trade....

But hey, the whole market, together with the whole house of cards (ETFs, ETNs, indices, options, futures, swaps, structured notes, private structured finance deals etc.) has become one big casino. It's awesome in one aspect, and quite sickening in another. The market is completely unhinged from the reality of main street, and the reality of what most businesses are dealing with. When the Fed steps in to stop banks buying back their own stock the market has a little hissy fit. It's hilarious.

I can't be sure when, but it's approaching rapidly now. All that Robin Hood cash will disappear in an instant, and the Fed will just conjure up some more cash, and buy some more distressed zombie companies and bonds. Until at some point it becomes so obvious that they just can't anymore.... Then things will get interesting. The great USD collapse will make the Covid 2020 crash look like a walk in the park.
Title: Re: How to watch a Youtube technical analysis
Post by: SittingBear on July 01, 2020, 04:44:13 pm
You have some good points there and being an avid reader on macro economics myself, and reading book after book by people (economists) who know far more than I do, the future certainly doesn't look bright. And all the while people party on as if the roaring 20's will never end. Well, it did end once and it certainly will end again.

Putting everything that those economists say (both from the right and left, such as Ray Dalio, Chris Hedges, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Joseph Stiglitz, Jim Rickards, Mike Maloney, etc. etc) I believe the times ahead of us will be the worst thing we've experiences since WW2. For whether left or right they all seem to agree that we are way past the point of no return. That ship sailed when we began the notorious QE spree and negative interest rates. I pity the upcoming generations who will have to pay for all of this.

Sorry to hear you lost complete interest after a few minutes. What would you advice me to do for someone like yourself to continue watching?

Enjoy your summer, for winter is coming ...  8)