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Shares / Investing in US Stocks?
« on: August 02, 2018, 04:00:38 pm »
I want to invest in US Stocks primarily for dividends, I have an ZAR account with Easy Equities for over 2 years and was considering the US account but after reading some posts about the issue of withdrawing funds(needing a forex account with Bank) and some of the shares I want to invest in aren't listed on the Easy Equities.
I started looking at local offshore brokers like Webtrader but costs and minimum deposits are an issue as I will only be investing a few thousand rand a month. 
Then I read about going directly overseas, and over the last few weeks have been reading up about it on this and other forums.
I opened a Std Bank Shyft account with the app as I have a Std bank current account already.
TD Ameritrade seemed like a possibility, then I read about DeGiro but the EU bank account requirement is an issue, N26 bank account seemed an option but again EU address is needed then I read that some people use Aramex to get a forwarding address but that seems a bit dodgy.
I have duel citizenship(Irish & SA) but I have never even been to Ireland(Grand father was born there) and it doesn't seem possible to open an Irish bank account as a non resident.
Also I still need to apply for my South African passport, I have never had the need to apply but I probably need it for applying to some of the options above.
Does anyone have any further advise for me?

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