Author Topic: Stealing my airtime.  (Read 1344 times)


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Stealing my airtime.
« on: January 21, 2014, 06:35:18 pm »
I have an old Symbian Nokia C6 that I use for voice and WhatsApp only on prepaid. Never used it for internet as I have a Tablet and laptop for that. It is a stupid old phone with a small screen and I think it is still the old Edge thing.
Yesterday the airtime balance was zero strangely as I don't recall getting a warning ever. So I bought a R12 voucher and immediately received an sms stating that R12 was installed. Then bought R55 via cellphone banking and got the conformation.

Checked balance and it showed R55. Where did the R12 go in 5 minutes?
Today it shows a balance of R40.91. Only sent and received one WhatsApp short message.

Phoned 155 and was told that it was the phone updating apps. WTF. Never had this before. The guy said it showed Internet....Internet....Internet.

How can this be possible. Wonder what the balance will be tomorrow.
I started here with nothing and still have most of it left.