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Greetings Everyone

I feel happy and grateful to have stumbled onto this site. I am 60 years old, working abroad and able to invest around R36K per month. I would really appreciate(!) some help as to the best course of action regarding the best investment route to take.  I need to save as much as I am able to in the coming years.

Thank you very much.

That's a really nice amount to invest monthly. Why bring it into Rand if it's already offshore though? Why not simply use an offshore broker like interactive brokers or degiro?


Thanks for your kind reply, Patrick. I will make further enquiries about interactive brokers/ degiro. Your site has been a source of invaluable information - although a lot goes over my head.

Hello again Patrick

With regard to offshore investing and Interactive brokers - they are not in the picture for me at this stage. With regard to Degiro,  I have come across instances on the 'net where they have received some bad rap. A little unsettling...

Are you able to advise any alternatives?  My investment period, going forward,  is around 5 years since I need to arrange a home of my own in South Africa. ( In this regard, I cannot think of any other alternatives). A further concern is that one may liable to taxation ( or similar ramifications/pitfalls) by both the US and South African tax system relative stashing away money in USD. Is this a consideration?

I am currently working in a Gulf country and may have the option choosing the currency to deposit/transfer into another bank account - globally. I still have to arrange the off shore bank account - hence these questions to you. My Gulf bank account is not an option.

Finally, at the risk of asking a naive question - are you able to briefly spell out the benefits of saving/investing in USD ( or an offshore currency) as opposed to ZAR. I realize that diversification of an investment portfolio is the thing to do, however, I would appreciate your indulgence in this regard. Hopefully, others at a similar level of financial know-how may also benefit.

Thank you!

I personally haven't looked at any other firms in years apart from Degiro and Interactive. Before going with interactive I considered a few, but that was years back so it's not really relevant. There is always Easy Equities USD, and I think they're one of the cheapest ways to invest in the US, but they're US only. Sorry I can't be more useful there, maybe another forum member will be.

The reasons to invest in USD as opposed to ZAR are that you'll almost certainly pay less capital gains tax, and also less dividends tax investing in USD. See these 2 links:


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