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« Reply #300 on: October 20, 2017, 02:51:17 pm »
Just read the thread from beginning to end,
thanks Orca for your intimate and enlightening comments.. and i hope all is well with you and Mrs

I just did the same thing. Slow Friday in Cape Town..

Wow, what a roller coaster this year has been for you guys  ???
All the best for that full recovery!


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Re: My retirement blog.
« Reply #301 on: October 20, 2017, 09:21:24 pm »
Thanks for all the good wishes. Most cardiac arrest patients die from it and many patients with pneumonia also expire and only 25% of patients with acute sepsis survive. She had all of this and survived even with cancer.

The doctors were also surprised that she survived with all of the above. She has now picked up 10 kg from 45 kg to 55 kg. She now walks up 120 steps and down again every day with no problem.

Time to start our explorations again. Perhaps back to Porto as it has become our second "home" and I love this city. So much to see and so easy to get around. The metro is so simple that not even I could get lost.

Lisbon is too expensive as is the Algarve. Patrick may attest to this.

The best part is that if you live in a city you would not need a car as the metro trains are 5 minutes apart and takes you to all areas of the city in half the time. Cost is about 1,2 per zone and 2,5 to the outskirts.

All suburbs (parishes) have supermarkets within a 8 minute walk or less and smaller shops within your block so no need for a car here. Pubs are literately on every street as are bakeries and veggie shops. Farmers markets are once per week in every parish and some are permanently located such as fishmongers and butchers.

This all makes living here so cheap.

I started here with nothing and still have most of it left.