Author Topic: Life cover, income protection and such...  (Read 32 times)


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Life cover, income protection and such...
« on: Today at 06:19:48 am »
It is time for my fiance to get her income protection etc. sorted and to update my stuff. The company my financial advisor worked at (*cough* NMG) split their financial division into a new company called Morebo. Long story short, it seems impossible to get hold of her. No replies on LinkedIn, emails to her and her assistant's old address do not bounce but do not reply with any kind of details as to what is going on. Maybe I don't make her enough money  :(  :D

Anyway, since I'm no fan of Liberty I thought this is my chance to change from one hell to another like Discovery. Do any of you have any life insurance policies with them, know of any good financial advisors or can recommend another company? (Sanlam, Old Mutual?)

Ideally, I want the FA to sort out all this insurance crap which sometimes goes over my head. A lot of the types of cover etc. look like they overlap so any pointers will be welcome :)

Currently my thinking is to phone these guys:


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Re: Life cover, income protection and such...
« Reply #1 on: Today at 11:26:36 am »
You can also checkout Momentum.